Develop an app or platform to crowd-source information for comparing changes in environmental factors, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pollution, with occurrence of symptoms of allergies and respiratory diseases. Create tools for public entry and grading of symptoms, including but not limited to cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, sneezing, nasal obstruction, itchy eyes; and geographic mapping of symptom frequency and intensity. Create a platform for comparison of symptom map with NASA provided data, with visualization options for web and/or smart phone.


No matter how many data you collecting if you could not handle it.

We want to created service in which users could registrate and set theirs health symptoms, in different periods of time. Also we want to use data from AIRS. All this data we importing to Google Big Query for analyze them together.

Our idea is to create service that could be used for retrieving data by dinamically generated requests. This data could be used for analyzing dependencies and changing in some dimensions.

This service is using smart data discovery model to give users ability retrieve data by human readable requests without technical knowlege.

After descibing data model service could generate many different requests, for example:
"How does symptom depends on people's age", "How does symptoms correlated with polution level", "How changed number of people suffering on asthma in last 3 month" etc.

Or rigestered users could recieve more personalized information, for example

"How many people suffer same symptoms as me in my region", "How changed atmospheric indicators in my region" etc.

Also service could be used not only for making requests by users, but also for predicting health injuries or making statistic of influence atmospere indicators on health.

Resources Used

Google Big Query


Android SDK

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