Предварительный анализ астероидов на основе построения экспертной системы анализа "Центра малых планет"

THE CHALLENGE: Asteroid Mining
Solar System

Develop an approach for characterizing the composition of asteroid for mining potential and a process for mining different compositions. Explore a possible division of labor involving different types of vehicles (e.g. sensor units, drilling units, power gathering and distribution, extracted resources handling and transferring). Consider solutions for moving said asteroids between different orbits and/or consequently make periodical adjustments to keep them in place. Analyze how your idea would cope in some of the given scenarios or outline a scheme of your own.


Анализ химического состава астероидов и физических характеристик на основе построения экспертной системы используя данные "Центра малых планет".

Предназначена для использования на ранних этапах планирования миссий по малым планетам.

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