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THE CHALLENGE: Clear for Take Off

To comply with security and airline protocol, air travelers should arrive at the airport well in advance of their flight. Without realizing the probability of adverse conditions at the time of the scheduled departure, they may experience inconvenient delays at the airport. Delays can be short and relatively easy to manage, or they can cause long hours of waiting in crowded airports. Flight delays can even cause forced overnight stays at local hotels or inside the terminal. Travelers could benefit from knowing the likelihood of a delay as it could help them prepare for the wait time. Can an app be developed that predicts the impact of weather on airplane departure times?


Have you spent hours waiting around in an airport departure hall? NOT any more! Be informed if your flight is delayed is one click ahead with this easy to use app. Just enter your flight ID number and you will be informed for probable delays!


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Resources Used

- Javascript Date Time Picker - Drop-Down (Date Time 24hr without seconds)

Javascript Date Time Picker - rainforestnet.com

- Yahoo weather API

- Flightstats API

- Notepad++


- Javascript

- Blogger.com

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