THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.


ClearSkies is an application that provides drone operators with an overview of the most important flying conditions that affect safety. We achieved this by aggregating data for weather conditions, no-fly zones, and other drones in the same vicinity. We also incorporated the data for the flight paths and use that to better inform the drone operator. We use these conditions to notify the drone operator whether their drone is still in a safe zone. As soon as they enter an unsafe zone, so for example, in a 5 mile radius of an airport, which is a no-fly/restricted access zone, the app changes its status from GREEN to RED.

We built a lightweight API that allows our Android app to get data about airports, drones and flights in a certain region. We use the app to visualize and present this information to the drone operator.

Resources Used

Airports JSON
The Dark Sky Forecast API
Generated Drone Data
Google Maps API
FAA website
Airborne Drones

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