don't touch my drone

THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.



The drone is controlled through a 3G /4G network connection by an application located in a server. The application gives warnings about the bad weather that will result in an emergency landing or launch stopping. It also processes images taken by a camera (installed on the drone) to detect obstacles. (Machine vision obstacle avoidance)

The application uses different API to get updated information about the weather and the trajectory (google maps to import the trajectory information and import the weather information from a weather API)

----To check zoom-capable Imagery of vegetation, buildings, poles and wires, communication towers; bodies of water, and in order to check weather parameters of wind, dew point, temperature and visibility.

The drone connects in real time via 3G /4G network and stores detected information for 5 miles. If the connection is not available or stopped unexpectedly the drone uses last data saved and is set on auto-pilot mode. The obstacle detection is insured by sensors. (presence)



Presence sensor and Gyroscope

  • Avoid crush and imbalance of the drone
  • Getting data to calculate the probability of changing the weather to worse condition
  • Live show in the screen of the controller
  • Image data treatment to improve avoiding crush


Added value

  • High speed communication
  • Auto pilot when loosing connection and auto safe landing
  • Data processing on a server to avoid extra weight on the drone
  • Avoid obstacles using Image Processing

Resources Used

Application and APIs

Create an application that synchronize with different APIs to obtain informations before taking a flight

Google OpenWeatherMap API

Getting informations about Weather parameters of wind speed and direction, gust speed potential, w point, temperature and visibility

Google maps JavaScript and Google earth APIs

Getting informations about roads, buildings, communication towers; bodies of ice and water, Imagery of vegetation...

Getting informations about the altitude so we can control the height above the ground of the drone

Google DJI ground station API

Getting information about the No Fly Zones offered by google for drone users

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