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THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.


We developed an app utilizing the Intel XDK programing tool. Not only will it give the user information about the security of the areas where he can fly the drone, but also a platform in which he can interact with others users who are part of the drone world.

Once in the app, the user must register and make an account, that way he will have his own profile with all of his information, pictures and videos he uploads. He will have his own nickname, location, name, etc. He can also start his session with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts.

In the main page of the app there will be a message with the level of security in which the place where the user is located (safe, caution, danger). Then information about the climate, speed and direction of the wind, also recommendations where to fly your drone (with name and coordinates) which is updated daily based on how many favorites the place gets from other users.

In the top left corner there will be a menu button which will contain more options of the application like:

  • Alerts: Information will be shown that should be taken into consideration for the safety of your drone, let it be changing winds, meteorological time, weather, bird or butterfly migration. Also, other users can post alerts in other locations, in which you can know about obstacles, wind currents, etc.
  • Extended Map: the user can open a window in which a map will be shown for the location where he’s in with real time information provided by complements of Intel XDK like Mashery WeatherUnderground, Geolocalization Demonstration, and information obtained from the satellites of the NOAA and the Aviation Weather. This map will show many icons of geolocation, in which the user will be able to find shared information from the community like: videos, photos, comments, alerts, etc. It will also show in red the no flight zones, getting this information from the FAA maps for private pilots, given by the NASA Space App Challenge. The user can also mark its favorite location so other users can take into consideration where to fly their drone.
  • Gallery: in this section the users will share their images and videos which will make it a more social app. Since it will be connected to many social networks many drone fans can enjoy the experiences, pictures and videos other people put up. In the bottom left corner of the picture or video there will be a favorite button. The most favorited media will be displayed in the beginning of the window so other people can easily see it.
  • Games: in this app, we want the user to have fun and have the best experience we can offer from any point of view, so if he can’t fly his drone, why can’t he play in the mean while? In this app the user can find many mini-games like:
    • Don’t Crash My Drone: in this game the user will fly a drone through an obstacle course, for every obstacle he evades it will give him a point, the more obstacle he passes through the fastest the drone will fly, and more obstacles may appear.
    • Drone Battle: in this game the user will fly a battle drone highly armed, in which he will fight enemy drones, which will be flown by other users or by an NPC. When he wins a battle he will gain experience to level up, therefore amplifying his arsenal of weapons and upgrading his drone.

In both games the high scores will be posted on a section of the app of all of the users, motivating competition and interaction between users.

Tips: this app is designed for beginner drone fliers. There will be a list of recommendations on how to fly your drone, management and maintenance, how to maneuver your drone, safety, etc. that way the user can use his drone to its full extent.

About us: in this last section there will be information on the creators of the app, copyright and intellectual property details.

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