Global Nominee

Dronematic received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.


The best collision avoidance system for a drone is it’s pilot.

Dronematic is an app designed to increase drone pilot’s awareness to nearby hazards, both static and dynamic, so the drone can be operated safely to itself, and other peoples / properties around it.

The app overlay the boundary of static hazards including no fly zones such as airports, military bases, and national parks. Other static hazards that we are planning to incorporate in future updates include popular landmarks, high power radio towers, areas for other low altitude air actives such as hot ballooning or parachuting, and etc.

The app also show dynamic hazards, such as adverse weather conditions, near by aircrafts, temporary flight restriction zones, or incidence which drone can interfere with rescues like forest fire. We create a safety bubble around these hazards base on their attributes. When the drone within the safety bubble of a hazard, the app will notify drone pilot to exercise necessary avoidance maneuvers. The size of these bubble depend on hazard’s attribute, for example a near by jetliner traveling at high speed will have a bigger bubble then a helicopter that is hovering.

Application components:

  • Live Drone Tracking
  • Live Weather Warning Overlay
  • Incoming commercial flights
  • Airport No Fly Zones
  • Military Base No Fly Zones
  • National Parks No Fly Zones
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