THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.


We are creating an android app to help drone users in two ways. First it will give the drone user a map of his surroundings or of a selected place populated with important information such as no-fly zones, wind speed, wind direction, dew point, pressure, humidity, temperature and a weather summary i.e. snowing, raining etc. The second use is to help a drone pilot identify fly zones in his neighborhood with different difficulty levels with respect to above data points combined with terrain information. This part will be extended with the ability for individual users to mark spots with their flight experience (excellent, hard, easy, I crashed my drone!...etc) with a link to the weather conditions so that other users can pick up good flying spots in their surroundings given current weather conditions.

It is our aim for this app to implement a communication suite in the future to be able to get sensory readings from the drone. If supplied with location information real time, our app will include audio warnings so that the user can focus on his drone and enjoy his experience and feel safe.

Resources Used

Open weather map

Open Street Maps

no-fly zones from the FAA through mapbox: https://github.com/mapbox/drone-feedback

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