Global Finalist

GeoDrone made it to the Global Award Finals (Top 25)

THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.


We designed a web app (with future application in Android and iOS) which provides information to operators of small and medium-sized drones regarding inclement weather conditions, restricted airspace, potential objects to which it may collide and real-time geolocation.

An Arduino device with GPS and proximity sensors that sends data to a server connected in real time which processes the data and generates information regarding the area based on the parameters preset by the user. Therefore, the users get a report as regards the previously-mentioned parameters in a simple and user-friendly web design, which allow any novice user to handle it confortably.

Once registered , the user has the option to choose between "Drone Mode" and "Pilot Mode", depending on whether you want to put your phone on the drone or not. The "Drone Mode" provides more information as it receives the exact location of the device and all alerts for the approaching danger zones. The "Pilot Mode" allows the pilot to leave the location in the reference system for other users.

Another feature is the possibility that each user can add restricted or danger areas, which are recorded in the system. The aim is to put together a collaborative map that alerts users made by all and for all.

In addition, we added the option to schedule flights for future days, which allow not only to receive weather data from flight planned at the site of the selected map, but also as information for other users of the system to avoid the area in the selected time period, and thus avoid frequent, such as interference in the transmission channels of video / image or RF problems.

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