Smart Drone Protector

Global Nominee

Smart Drone Protector received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.


Smart Drone Protector is an unique application which includes the following capabilities:

  • Critical mission data such as: Current Wind Speed at 2, 10 and 50 meters, Wind direction, Humidity, Weather condition, Visibility and Sun Set countdown. The information in this panel is highlighted in three different colors: green (ready to go), yellow (fly your drone with caution) and red (flight is not recommended).
  • Three Important maps: wind-speed and wind direction map, flight zones map and drone mission map.
  • Specific 72 hours weather forecast with important data as: Air pressure, Temperatures at 2 meters, Wind direction, Wind speed at 10 and 50 meters.
  • Current weather information separated in brief and detailed page.

In addition the application:

  • supports mavlink protocol and displays data coming from all kinds of UAV;
  • provides library (DLL) with all the services that the app uses;
  • has voice control navigation.
Resources Used
  • Nasa Gravitational Anomaly Data
  • Google Elevation Model API
  • Bulatsa Flight Zone Map
  • Wunder Weather API
  • Wind And Fun: Wind Map and API
  • Mavlink Protocol
Made inBurgas Bulgaria
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