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THE CHALLENGE: Don’t Crash My Drone

Create an app that will enable small drone operators to know more about specific weather parameters, local terrain and no fly zones within a five-mile radius of their GPS location.


EagleEye: The World’s first drone social networking app, designed to help and educate users to fly more safely together.

Drones are becoming more and more popular as they gain momentum in the market. As more and more new pilots take to the sky so are the statistics for drone crashes and near misses with the law. This problem can be solved by bringing all the necessary information required into an intuitive and friendly interface. There are many individuals out there that fly drones, our solution can bring these people together to create a community of flyers.

At Starc Industries, we have combined drone sensors and databases of knowledge and created EagleEye. EagleEye will provide each individuals with all the features they will need to fly safely. The social networking aspect of EagleEye will make it easier to organise people together to fly as a community. It is a simple but powerful app that will make drone flying more enjoyable and safer for everyone.

The Problem

More and more drones will be taking off into the sky and more and more accidents will occur at the current rate. Human errors and other environmental conditions will increase the chance that drones will collide with other drones and other obstacles. In order to help drone users controls their drone more safely, additional information such as weather parameters and nearby drone data will need to be made available.

Currently there is no communication medium between drone users. Multiple drone users may be flying in the same area and the drones may be not clearly visible. As most drones come without sophisticated sensors that can make autonomous decision, the users will likely crash their drones.


EagleEye is a mobile based app that user can use to discover the joys of flying in a safe manner. It can help flyers find out more about their surrounding area and if there are any flying events going on. EagleEye will have a set of interfaces that will allow it’s user to interact with the wider small drone community.

As outlined above, there is a lot of prior knowledge required when flying a drone, just by flying your drone in your backyard may be in breach of your local laws. Besides local laws, users will need to worry about weather conditions, no-fly zones and other drone users flying in the area. EagleEye will simplify all this information into a simple app that users will be able to use before a flight or as a reference when flying. These are the features that will be included: Local Map, General rules and regulations, No-Fly zones, Drone Paramteres, Weather, Flight Log etc...

EagleEye will add social networking capabilities to the average drone user. The social networking features such as: New Feed, Social Feed, Groups and meetings.


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