Develop an app or platform to crowd-source information for comparing changes in environmental factors, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pollution, with occurrence of symptoms of allergies and respiratory diseases. Create tools for public entry and grading of symptoms, including but not limited to cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, sneezing, nasal obstruction, itchy eyes; and geographic mapping of symptom frequency and intensity. Create a platform for comparison of symptom map with NASA provided data, with visualization options for web and/or smart phone.


AirCheck is an android application which is designed to enable our users to be informed about the environmental conditions in their surroundings while also providing assistance in confronting the environment in terms of clothing.The main goal of our application is to raise awareness on the users' current surroundings and to help save lives. We give our users the opportunity to be ready for threats such as fires, ash plumes and dust storms. The application also includes detailed information about the air quality in their surroundings such air pollution, relative humidity, wind direction and speed and atmospheric pressure. Our application also provides a way for the users to avoid areas with airborne diseases which are crowd-sourced through our user base.

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