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Lungs Watcher received a Global Nomination.


Develop an app or platform to crowd-source information for comparing changes in environmental factors, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pollution, with occurrence of symptoms of allergies and respiratory diseases. Create tools for public entry and grading of symptoms, including but not limited to cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, sneezing, nasal obstruction, itchy eyes; and geographic mapping of symptom frequency and intensity. Create a platform for comparison of symptom map with NASA provided data, with visualization options for web and/or smart phone.


Lungs Watcher, a mobile solution for the sector of Sport and Tourism. Application was created on the response of the needs of Runners and Bicyclers. (and the idea appeared after doing a short survey among them). Our application integrates data coming from the GNSS, EO, various Ground Weather Stations and other ground antennas (e.g used for IoT), together with the information about the user (age, weight, gender, specific allergies, and chronic diseases,etc). Data Analyzed in application helps, the runner and Bicycler to choose the optimal track for running or cycling, and avoid generally polluted areas, especially in the big cities, but as well is it very useful for people who have allergies, as they can avoid the areas with the big concentration of allergy creating sources (e.g pollin). User indicates the desired route, and we calculate the optimal one taking into account user parameters, in addition show on the map the areas to avoid, and percentage of pollution. You can train alone or with your friends, you can add people from your community to run with, in this case the route will be calculated taking into account the personal parameters of each sportsmen. We also foresee the possibility to interact with application, in case if user runs into an area, that according to him should be avoided, he can add this info into the app, and it will be shown on the map, with description and each one from his community till be able to see it.

Resources Used

National list of runners (report 2014):,0.html

GIBS API for developers:

Framework used for mobile application development:

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