People's Choice Nominee

Simoy received a People's Choice Nomination.


Develop an app or platform to crowd-source information for comparing changes in environmental factors, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pollution, with occurrence of symptoms of allergies and respiratory diseases. Create tools for public entry and grading of symptoms, including but not limited to cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, sneezing, nasal obstruction, itchy eyes; and geographic mapping of symptom frequency and intensity. Create a platform for comparison of symptom map with NASA provided data, with visualization options for web and/or smart phone.


Simoy is a mobile and web application to crowd-source information that allows everyone to report and monitor air quality. Specifically, it will measure Particulate Matter(PM 2.5 and PM 10), Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Monoxide and Methane in the air. Information can come from two sources: (1) It can come from a deploy-able unit that will give an accurate measure of air quality. The unit has a rover functionality that can be deployed to areas potentially harmful to humans. (2) Information can also come from global citizens who has access to the internet or has the mobile application on their device. The citizens can report air quality in terms of three levels; low, moderate and high.

Other features:

  • The application will indicate health effects corresponding to air quality of certain areas geo-located by the crowd sourcer.
  • The data that will be collected can be used for research purposes.
  • It will also give you advices on how you can improve the air quality.
  • The data collected by the app will generate a symptom map that will tell you the areas most affected by poor air quality.
  • It will also notify people of increasing levels of pollution within a specific radius that can be affected.
  • The device can be installed in houses and establishment for stationary monitoring.

Overall, Simoy is a way to raise awareness to people regarding our air quality that could lessen the raging air pollution. A user-friendly application that is accessible for everyone.

For future development:

-The hardware could also be implemented to a drone to measure air quality even in areas that are hard to reach.

-The commmunication device between the rover and server maybe improved. (ex. IoT)

For further details, see:

*Technical description

//Rover Block Diagram (Motor)

The servo motor is controlled via a mobile device connected through a bluetooth shield.The proponents used Arduino uno to control the motor direction. The temporary energy source for the motor is a 9v battery and a 12v lead acid battery for the sensors. The sensors are composed of MQ sensors for gases, HDT11 for the humidity and temperature and a particulate matter sensor. Currently, the communication from the rover to the server is through GSM. The main microcontroller for all the air quality sensors is an Arduino Uno.

//Mobile and Web App Print Screens

Reports from the rover unit and/or from users are pointed on a specific location in the map. Once a point is selected, the parameters being measured will be shown on the upper right corner of the screen.