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Develop a web tool, mobile device app or add-on for existing apps or websites that leverages NASA imagery and climate data to illustrate the impacts of our changing Earth in areas of interest to you. Some ideas to explore include:

  • Use NASA Earth observations data, social media, smart phones, and Short Message Service (SMS) text phones to collect Earth observations and connect public in local, regional, and national networks to communicate about our changing planet.
  • Examine current natural events curated by NASA’s EONET (Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker) by browsing global historical and near real-time imagery from space.
  • Upload images or other data points demonstrating visible observations and how they compare to satellite data. For example, generating early-warning alerts or validating precipitation rates reported from NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Mission.
  • Integrate NASA imagery with a mobile assistant to allow for dynamic image generation based on a basic request structure.

NASA has a variety of Earth observations that are publically available which could enable citizen science to enhance existing weather or mapping applications.


The following NASA websites have useful information which could contribute to your design:

  • The NASA Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) project provides historical and near real-time daily global images taken from space through standard protocols.  These imagery products show true color pictures and representations of remotely sensed science parameters (e.g. Sea Surface Temperature, Sea Ice Concentration, etc.)
  • The Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker (EONET) is a prototype web service that provides curated natural event metadata linking to web service-enabled image sources
  • The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission provides the most accurate and comprehensive collection of rain and snowfall ever assembled. The public can utilize this data for climate studies, weather analysis, and other applications
  • Leverage NASA’s land surface data found in MODIS
  • ClimateSERV is a tool that allows development practitioners, scientists/researchers, and government decision-makers to visualize and download historical rainfall data, vegetation condition data, and 180-day forecasts of rainfall and temperature to improve understanding of, and make improved decisions for, issues related to agriculture and water availability.


  • Organize NASA MODIS land surface temperature product for remote assimilation into SERVIR’s ClimateSERV tool. ClimateSERV provides basic analysis and download capability for low internet-bandwidth users in SERVIR regions.
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Luis Hector Arredondo Lugo 3 years ago
Yo estoy intentando hacer algo usando Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) en Android y un web service, tengo algo echo aunque le falta mucho mas detalle y desarrollo por si alguien quiere ayudar
Este es mi correo por si alguien quiere ayudar
Ronald Adomako 3 years ago
I believe "Better Weather" have a proof of concept that can be built and set platform for incremental improvement:
Robiul islam 3 years ago
I believe....
if NASA want to view us the live earth pictures or recently capturing satellite view map picture for all Bangladeshi people's. I think it's not impossible to doing by NASA, to view live satellite map picture.
well wishes for NASA and all of their employer by myself.
it's me.....
Robiul islam Rubel
at- Savar-Dhaka, Bangladesh
Love you all.
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