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Global Nominee

Eagle Eye received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: eMobile Pastoralism

Help pastoralist communities around the world preserve their livelihood, by providing them access to information and resources (e.g grass land, water, safe routes) to prepare and support their migration journey.

The objective of the project is to design a working prototype for a mobile application which provides pastoralists community with information on land monitoring: water availability, grassland, and assist communities in networking.


Eagle Eye

"Right Resources | Right Place | Right Time"

A scalable future-proof solution empowering the pastoral community BY Capitalising on mobile devices penetration rate in Sub saharan Africa and the 3rd world at large.

Our solution will help sub saharan pastoral communities locate, log and monitor critical resources need i.e. Water, Grass.

Version 1.0 Key Specifications:

Safest routes to follow for migration journey with critical information display. The critical information display include up to date information on Socio-political factors, Distance and Safety advise.

Weather Information 2HRS | 6HRS | 10HRS interval to enable accurate journey planning with weather forecast at hand.

Land Rights & Issues

Secure emergency alert function for medical and security use

Version 2.0 Value Added Features will include:

Severe drought warning VIA Predictive model

Climate Communicators partnership VIA United Nations Programme

User generated content via Logging

Remote Local Monitoring VIA IoT

FAILSAFE Cell Broadcast via Local Network partners i.e. MTN

How and where are we getting our data?

Live data via NASA & ESA

Historical and User Logged data via United Nations and Local NGO Partners.

Resources Used



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