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THE CHALLENGE: eMobile Pastoralism

Help pastoralist communities around the world preserve their livelihood, by providing them access to information and resources (e.g grass land, water, safe routes) to prepare and support their migration journey.

The objective of the project is to design a working prototype for a mobile application which provides pastoralists community with information on land monitoring: water availability, grassland, and assist communities in networking.


Our project is to help the earth community to maintain their livelihoods. Indeed, as we very well know the conditions of human life tend to escalate to a staggering manner to such an extent that issues such as emigration are rising ... It is in this context that we design this project which aims at giving them access to information and resources (eg grass, water, safe roads, temperature, humidity, soil fertility, the wind pressure etc.) pastoral communities to help them implement their project without worrying about possible dangers. Our project is to design a mobile web application that provides breeders and farmers with information on arable land, water availability, time and culture techniques, also to prepare and support their migration journey. Indeed our project will be connected to the resources and support networks that reaches the demand of communities and provides the real-time information in the field of pastoralism. This project allows farmers and ranchers: 1. access the service through a smartphone application and website that provide simple tips and maps using google map api and data worldwide to have means 2. locate effectively herds which will be equipped with GPS electronic bracelets. 3. integrate Infobip messaging services in various solutions using the HTTP application programming interface Infobip (HTTP API) so it will warn users about the precautions and measures to be taken for activity 4. 4. CLOUD FARMER Which Allows Users to have a member area to manage their livestock and products based on the information. 5. Cloud Farmer that allows users to manage their production and livestock 6. Offer a perfect synchronization between users, producers, Seller and even the field of conveyors Definitely the innovative aspect of this is to promote the efficient, rational and efficiently the resources of the earth.

Resources Used
  • IBM blumix
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Adobe photoshop CS6
  • Infobip
  • MySQL
  • google map api
Made inDakar Senegal
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