Geotagging Space and Aviation

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Collect and develop geotagged information about local ties to space and aviation to incorporate within geo-based games/web applications/tools. Many apps and programs exist that allow users to input information about a location that corresponds to the real world. Public information and historical space events could be added to the location within the program. While exploring a new region, users can learning new facts about how the community played a role in new scientific discoveries or innovations in aviation or spaceflight.


Exploration is a human endeavor and its history can be found all over the globe. While NASA and other similar agencies document moments in history, it is often kept in books, museums and visitors centers. What if you could learn about the aerospace in your place?


Sample Areas to Explore:

  • Develop location-based tools/games that unlock information/challenges etc. once a user is physically in a specific location
  • Include historical events, connections with famous researchers, people, and partnerships linking to space and aviation exploration. If possible, include media such as photos, videos, or links to more information.
  • The programs could be one(s) that require the user to be physically near the location or that allow the user to explore locations from their home computer
  • There are many many locations with ties to space and aviation, along with apps. Consider picking a focus, in the type of information, era, or location(s).
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Challenge Owner 3 years ago
This is a NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) challenge. If you post a 30 second video and fill out the project page by Friday, April 29 at midnight PST (see the eligibility requirements for global judging), a panel of KSC scientists and engineers will review the videos and project information.
Challenge Owner 3 years ago
For each KSC challenge, a winning project will be recognized on SpaceAppsKSC social media. Of the five winning teams, one will be selected as the overall KSC Space Apps Challenge winner for 2016 and receive invitations to a launch viewing opportunity with the Global Space Apps Challenge winners.
Challenge Owner 3 years ago
The project does not have to be a global nominee to be eligible for KSC judging. If a team was nominated for global judging and worked on a KSC challenge, it will be considered for both types of judging. For further details, along with terms and conditions, please visit our Tumblr post on this subject.
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