Biosphere Babies Generator

Journey to Mars

Develop a game that simulates conditions in an off-Earth located permanent or temporary colony. The game could be a sandbox that offers the possibility to simulate various facilities that would support a reduced gravity environment far from earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere. Users could be given power allowances, atmospheric conditions, and in situ resource options (using resources available on site for life support or other needs). The game could include a variety of scenarios including:

  • Arranging a GPS-like system on the Moon or Mars to support navigation for the human inhabitants. The simulation could allow the users to explore different solutions such as a constellation of satellites, a network of masts or other Earth based methods at the challenger’s discretion.
  • Players could build a habitat that could withstand the Lunar or Martian environment while also taking into consideration that its inhabitants need to have adequate power and supplies, be able to produce food, have locations sleep, live and work.
  • Build a Virtual Moon telescope. The simulation could allow the user to conduct a research mission using a telescope on site near their habitat. Explore what instruments make sense for the location of the telescope (and what the user wants to observe). Game players could explore settings such as exposure times or wavelengths to observe. Observations could vary based on the position of the telescope on the Moon or Mars, and the relative position in the sky of the pointed object. After each simulated capture, show an appropriately generated image reflecting the exposure and wavelength settings.

"Biosphere Babies Generator" is a virtual reality simulation and interactive modelling device for understanding and influencing the development and design of eco-systems. From a real time simulation of a planetary biosphere, “Biosphere Babies Generator” is designed as an equilibrium producing intervention synthesis of artificial and human intelligence.

Its purpose is to help us to understand and redesign ecological dynamics in order to create equilibrium within our own biosphere as well as to design extraterrestrial eco-spheres in space or on another planet.


It is scientifically proven that the shrinking of biodiversity and the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem is currently the most threatening phenomenon we have to act upon. As humanity is the cause of both and in this way already steering the development of the ecosystems of our biosphere in a chaotic and disorganized manner, the detrimental effects of this situation can only be counteracted through goal-oriented and vision based thinking and acting.


1.The re-fertilization of at the moment unusable environments for the natural production of valuable organic resources through thriving implemented ecosystems. A wide range of biotechnological use-fields, such as fuel, nutrition, construction material, supply for medical resources and various others.

1.1. Whether for the re-composition of the Earth's biosphere or in making extraterrestrial places such as space, the Moon or Mars habitable, what is needed could be locally produced as a natural superabundance of a re-generating eco-system instead of having to be artificially reproduced and then transported to the desired location.

2. An online game version of “Biosphere Babies Generator” can be used by world wide users to collaborate in new ideas and strategies for the regeneration of ecological equilibrium. Within a feedback cycle, the the game version of the system could be interlinked in ways that prove to be successful and could be implemented and further experimented on within the other model.

Resources Used
  • Wiener, Norbert: "The Human Use Of Human Beings", 1954
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