The Martian

Global Nominee

The Martian received a Global Nomination.

Journey to Mars

Develop a game that simulates conditions in an off-Earth located permanent or temporary colony. The game could be a sandbox that offers the possibility to simulate various facilities that would support a reduced gravity environment far from earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere. Users could be given power allowances, atmospheric conditions, and in situ resource options (using resources available on site for life support or other needs). The game could include a variety of scenarios including:

  • Arranging a GPS-like system on the Moon or Mars to support navigation for the human inhabitants. The simulation could allow the users to explore different solutions such as a constellation of satellites, a network of masts or other Earth based methods at the challenger’s discretion.
  • Players could build a habitat that could withstand the Lunar or Martian environment while also taking into consideration that its inhabitants need to have adequate power and supplies, be able to produce food, have locations sleep, live and work.
  • Build a Virtual Moon telescope. The simulation could allow the user to conduct a research mission using a telescope on site near their habitat. Explore what instruments make sense for the location of the telescope (and what the user wants to observe). Game players could explore settings such as exposure times or wavelengths to observe. Observations could vary based on the position of the telescope on the Moon or Mars, and the relative position in the sky of the pointed object. After each simulated capture, show an appropriately generated image reflecting the exposure and wavelength settings.

Our aim is to provide awareness to people about Mars through an interactive Mars Simulator.

The simulator would follow 2 types of simulation modes: The Astronaut and The Rover.

It gives the first person view of the simulation as well as an interactive in sim HUD which shows real time data like Temperature(Inside and Outside Spacesuit), GPS coordinates, distance from the nearest camp etc.

The whole system is Virtual Reality based and is exported as a stereoscopic view for any VR Device. We are providing inputs for exploration through an attached Electronic Mechanism which includes a thumb joystick, a self made throttle(from some scrap cardboard, ultrasonic module, a RedBull can and insulating tape) for analog control input and feedback mechanisms like vibrational motors to give the explorer a real feel of the simulation.

Come, sit and explore. We assure you, you're gonna enjoy.

Resources Used

Autodesk 3DS Max, Blender, Unreal Engine 4, Arduino Uno, Joystick Module, Throttle, Ultrasonic Module, Vibration Motors, some wires and a random chair with an armrest.

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