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THE CHALLENGE: Space Recreation
Journey to Mars

There is a great deal of interest from national space agencies to go to the Moon and Mars. ESA wants to go to the Moon and establish a village there. NASA wants to go to Mars. Astronauts and Cosmonauts from all over the world are already living aboard the ISS. What can they do in their free time? It can’t be all about reading books or game play on computers. Think of new sports or games that could take into account the low gravity (e.g. a space lacrosse game, extreme basketball). What about real or virtual experiences involving the Apollo 11 landing site on the Moon? Or following the paths of Sojourner, Spirit or Curiosity on Mars using a form of cross-country skiing? Think of new ways for to astronauts to use their free time. To present your results develop an app that makes use of virtual reality tools.


We are team Astrow!

Be inspired. Interact & Stay Active.

While astronauts are in space it is important for them to stay active so they maintain their muscle capacity, bone density, and cardiovascular health. It is recommended they workout at least 2 hours a day. It is also important that the workout regiment for workout and intensity is varied so that the user’s body does not become too adapted to the routine.


Let Astrow help you reach the stars! Imagine, astronauts staying connected through social integration as well as gamification!

Connect Astrow to virtual reality to make workouts exciting by rowing anywhere, even Earth, the possibilities are endless. Let Astrow help you workout in the stars!

The solution we came to for the best exercise for the astronauts is rowing. Why? Through our research, we found that scientists and researchers at NASA were looking to see which athletes had the biggest hearts, densest bones, and biggest muscles. The answer was simple; rowers. We want to make sure that the product is fun and easy to use.

When in space, astronauts miss their family most and Astrow can connect the astronauts with their family members using virtual reality as well as using Google Maps to to show them rowing in their neighborhoods. We believe this will help the astronauts no longer miss earth so they can focus on their mission.


Be inspired, interact, and stay active. Astrow captures rowing stroke data and distance rowed, calculates caloric burn, and even has a timer!

  1. Track data for one person at a time
  2. Capture the following pieces of information:
    • Rowing Stroke Data
    • Rowing Stroke Rate
    • Timer
    • Distance
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