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Space4health received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Space Recreation
Journey to Mars

There is a great deal of interest from national space agencies to go to the Moon and Mars. ESA wants to go to the Moon and establish a village there. NASA wants to go to Mars. Astronauts and Cosmonauts from all over the world are already living aboard the ISS. What can they do in their free time? It can’t be all about reading books or game play on computers. Think of new sports or games that could take into account the low gravity (e.g. a space lacrosse game, extreme basketball). What about real or virtual experiences involving the Apollo 11 landing site on the Moon? Or following the paths of Sojourner, Spirit or Curiosity on Mars using a form of cross-country skiing? Think of new ways for to astronauts to use their free time. To present your results develop an app that makes use of virtual reality tools.



Space4health is an innovative approach to simulate 1G environment in space by promoting sensorimotor functions. We are a team of four young enthusiasts with complementary profiles working together to solve one space challenge.

We all know what happens with your body when you go to space. What we are passionate about, is our focus on how 0G impacts our brain and how to properly use it not to lose it!

Space4health uses visualization and proper movement imagination to stimulate those brain areas that are involved in the real movement execution. We will create an optimal mental and physical training in space to trigger higher motivation and enjoyment for astronauts on their long space travels. By doing so, Space4health will diminish health risks for astronauts and optimize their re-adaptation process.

Space4health focuses on the adaptation processes of the central-nervous system to 0G and in particular on deterioration of somato-sensory-motor functions. Our approach is based on our scientific work, which was proved and published in the last years. In this view, Space4health combines virtual reality environment with the exoskeleton training device to offer an innovative solution which will successfully mitigate negative effects of 0G and shorten the re-adaptation process on our Mother Earth.

Our research, knowledge and solutions can also be translated into Earth applications for hospitalized patients (older persons, injured athletes) and people with neurodegenerative diseases as well as in optimization of anti-aging protocols and applications for healthier intercontinental commercial flights.

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