Space Route 66

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Develop a game or virtual reality experience that allows users to build and explore a futuristic spaceport. Potential utilizations that could be incorporated:

  • Horizontal and vertical launch and landing
  • Suborbital and orbital tourist facilities (hotels, crew training experiences, exploration theme park attractions)
  • On-site spacecraft manufacturing facilities
  • Processing facilities for space resources

As launch vehicles, spacecraft, and those who build them change, so must the spaceports of the world. The expansion of human space flight beyond the International Space Station and low-earth orbit optimizes a spaceport that can support multiple users and operational models. The Spaceport of Tomorrow should support a multitude of space operations, including vertical and horizontal vehicle assemblies. Private aerospace companies will want to locate supply chains functions near Spaceports and expand operations.


This challenge is open ended so you may choose to develop your own deliverable or consider one of following:

  • Incorporate plans that various space agencies and commercial companies have for spaceports between now and their plans for decades from now (i.e. infrastructure to be added over the next 50 years).
  • Create a "build your own spaceport" game, website or smartphone application based on the current state of the spaceport’s design. Users can add functional buildings or spaceships to the spaceport. Allow users to take snapshots of their designs and upload them to social media.
  • Create a website virtual tour or "fly-through" of a spaceport such as the Kennedy Space Center in its current state, and give users the ability to add layers to the current spaceport to show planned developments and timeframes for development. A zoom-in of individual buildings could provide descriptions of the function of each with historical vignettes where applicable. Create an updated map, brochure or interactive app of your future spaceport similar to those you find at theme parks
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Challenge Owner 3 years ago
This is a NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) challenge. If you post a 30 second video and fill out the project page by Friday, April 29 at midnight PST (see the eligibility requirements for global judging), a panel of KSC scientists and engineers will review the videos and project information.
Challenge Owner 3 years ago
For each KSC challenge, a winning project will be recognized on SpaceAppsKSC social media. Of the five winning teams, one will be selected as the overall KSC Space Apps Challenge winner for 2016 and receive invitations to a launch viewing opportunity with the Global Space Apps Challenge winners.
Challenge Owner 3 years ago
The project does not have to be a global nominee to be eligible for KSC judging. If a team was nominated for global judging and worked on a KSC challenge, it will be considered for both types of judging. For further details, along with terms and conditions, please visit our Tumblr post on this subject.
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