THE CHALLENGE: Book it to the Moon
Solar System

Develop an interactive app for children that uses smart phone and tablet sensory to locate the Moon (any time of the day, even below horizon), which unlocks current lunar data (phase, distance, etc), and then presents the user options for reading a "Moon" related story, view space agency photos and videos, and/or fun facts about the Moon. The goal of this challenge is edutainment and raising awareness about lunar missions around the world.


We want to explore the childish need to learn things by touching and grabing. Using Augumented Reality our app lets the user find the curent position of the moon and then "catch" it, to explore it to their hearts content in the form of a zoomable high resolution photo of the moon in the curent phase. It allows the child to view the moon in close up as-it-is-seen-today without a telescope. The App also provides the facts about the diferent phases of the moon and when to catch them, as well as other moon related events.



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