Global Nominee

MoonVR received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Book it to the Moon
Solar System

Develop an interactive app for children that uses smart phone and tablet sensory to locate the Moon (any time of the day, even below horizon), which unlocks current lunar data (phase, distance, etc), and then presents the user options for reading a "Moon" related story, view space agency photos and videos, and/or fun facts about the Moon. The goal of this challenge is edutainment and raising awareness about lunar missions around the world.


For this challenge we implemented a Virtual Reality prototype that models an educational app. The prototype was implemented with the use of Unity engine and C# scripts. The target platform is Android and the Virtual Reality tool used for tests was the Google Cardboard.

With MoonVR we aim to help children in getting to know our natural satellite with facts and stories that will be interactively used in order to get the best experience out of it. According to the user location the 3D model of the moon will be set in different positions in the environment, based also on how far the viewer is from the moon at a given moment.

Within the environment the user will have the ability to search for the moon by rotating the VR tool 360 degree and then click on the object to receive facts about the satellite and also listen to stories or take screenshots, share them or save to their gallery.

The prototype is available in two different modes: with and without virtual reality. That is due to the fact most people don't have a VR tool and also because the large use of these tools for a long period might make users unease.

Features to be implemented:

- Interactive audios/stories about the moon
- different lunar phases
- calculate distance from the viewer

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