Star Gazer

THE CHALLENGE: Book it to the Moon
Solar System

Develop an interactive app for children that uses smart phone and tablet sensory to locate the Moon (any time of the day, even below horizon), which unlocks current lunar data (phase, distance, etc), and then presents the user options for reading a "Moon" related story, view space agency photos and videos, and/or fun facts about the Moon. The goal of this challenge is edutainment and raising awareness about lunar missions around the world.


What better way to learn than to observe? And why stop at the moon when you can view all that the night sky has to offer. Stargazer offers daily reports on tonight's weather, moon phase, star and planetary activity, the location of the International Space Station, and asteroid activity near earth. With stargazer, you'll always know where to point your telescope.

You can find Stargazer reports on any platform. Users can download Stargazer for Amazon Echo, iOS and Android, visit the website, or receive Stargazer's daily report via text.

Resources Used

- NASA Asteroid API

- International Space Station API

- Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

- Aeris Weather API

- Open Weather Map API

- Amazon Echo - Alexa custom skill

- Twilio messaging service

- Microsoft Azure - hosting

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