Solar System

For this challenge, we invite you to become "virtual contributors" to the Asteroid Grand Challenge and develop a hypothetical method, concept note or simple prototype that demonstrates how Machine Learning could be used to help us avoid the same fate as the dinosaurs.


Do you know that the deepest point they reached with a submarine in the ocean is 11 Km , Do you know that 5% of the oceans is discovered JUST!! , Do you know that 90% of the creatures in the oceans is discovered , NASA is making a competitions all around the world for making ROV to help discover Pluto .

The ROV should solve all these problems , First the ROV should dive deepest than 11 km with an operated system , and the ROV should discover new places in the ocean , and the ROV is gonna image process they creatures and track them by a RFID chip , and my ROV will have a thermoelectric heating system so it doesn't freeze .

Maybe after 5 years "IMPACT" the discovered creatures would increase by maybe 30 %

and the discovered places maybe increase by 10% and Pluto would be discovered more than the new horizons by a 14 years old boy and a 13 years old boy , so we will go ta NASA!!!!!!!!!!!!

and such more solutions :)

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