Open World Generation using NASA Mars and Vesta Data

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Create a custom world map generator module using a gaming framework or engine of your choice that leverages altimeter, terrain and imagery data to render realistic worlds.  This will involve the use of a World Map Tile Service client to leverage over 1 TB of Mars and Vesta data for use in world generation.


Do you love building new worlds?  Wouldn’t you like to build something that is "out-of-this-world"? Even though open world/sandbox games can generate worlds of various types, wouldn’t it be great if these worlds can actually contain real-life extraterrestrial terrains, rovers, robots and points-of-interest that exist in our celestial bodies?  Well, NASA would love to challenge our international community to do something great using NASA data.  Datasets are available for Mars and Vesta that can be integrated with open world/sandbox games to bring an out-of-this-world learning experience to players.


Consider popular world-based games.  Leverage existing customizations and implement as a plugin or mod.

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Sidney Lee Lee 3 years ago
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Sidney Lee Lee 3 years ago
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Challenge Owner 3 years ago
@Catherine For the heights, you might want to use "DEM Grayscale - Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter”. The data is in 8 bit grayscale. You can apply scale and offset to find the height value. You can find the snippet here.
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