Gravity simulation throught electrostimulation

Space Station

Find a way to adapt common gym tools for a reduced gravity environment and design a workout routine that can minimize bone and muscular loss while being fun and easy to use during a long term mission. In doing so consider constraints regarding weight (equipment should weigh less than 500kg) and dimensions. Consider incorporating virtual reality to simulate a jog through an astronaut’s favorite Earth destinations or incorporate gaming to motivate users.


Our idea to face this issue consists on build a special type of equipement that joins the traditional training, executed using the tapis roulant that supports the flow of blood with the stimulation of the twitch through electro stimulation in order to "simulate" the gravity effect on the skeleton and axial musculature. This equipment, joined with a software that analyzes the data processed by adipometro sonogram each week, is able to measure thickness, fat and hydration, and thanks to these informations this machinery modifies the type of training to be done according to the muscular variability of each single person.

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