Enterprise Bridge Simulator

Space Station

Using multimedia resources found online, develop a virtual experience that would allow someone to experience a past or upcoming rocket launch as if they were observing it from a few miles away (i.e. a close, but safe distance from the launch pad). If possible, convey the impact that local/global/space weather has on a launch.


We want to ENGAGE students and encourage their interest in space. What better way to do so than to put them on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise? Using the latest hardware and software technology, as imagined by Gene Roddenberry decades ago, we let users speak commands from the bridge, and have them recognized and responded to! They can also access authentic sounds from the NASA Archives!

A command such as RED ALERT will trigger a red floodlight and a fan (for haptic feedback) and play the familiar Red Alert audio sound effect, plus display a red screen. A command such as STATUS REPORT will play back the actual NASA sound recording of the moon landing on Tranquility Base!

Resources Used

NASA Sound Archives https://soundcloud.com/nasa/sets

PolitePix OpenEars Open Source Speech Recognition http://www.politepix.com/openears/

Belkin WeMo Home Automation Switches

Made inRochester, NY USA
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