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Using multimedia resources found online, develop a virtual experience that would allow someone to experience a past or upcoming rocket launch as if they were observing it from a few miles away (i.e. a close, but safe distance from the launch pad). If possible, convey the impact that local/global/space weather has on a launch.


LIVELAUNCH is a Snapchat in-app experience designed to make shuttle launch experiences more exciting for the modern generation using bite-sized, real-time updates. With 3D interactive moments, we allow you to jump in and out of the experience by looking around special access camera vantage points with your phone's accelerometer. The experience would utilize 360° video with augmented 3D elements. This demo currently features 3D models only.

Live Demo:

Resources Used

DeltaIV NROL-45 360° video: Open in YouTube in a new tab
NASA Countdown 101: Delta IV
NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Launch Archive
NASA Audio Collection
NASA Launch Views
DeltaIV User Guide
ULA Presentation to the National Research Council
DeltaIV 3D Model

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