X-Press Launch Pad

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X-Press Launch Pad received a People's Choice Nomination.

Space Station

Using multimedia resources found online, develop a virtual experience that would allow someone to experience a past or upcoming rocket launch as if they were observing it from a few miles away (i.e. a close, but safe distance from the launch pad). If possible, convey the impact that local/global/space weather has on a launch.


X-Press Launch Pad is a project made in NASA Space Apps Challenge la Marsa 2016, it consists of making feeling a rocket launch more familiar to people, making it easier to access using VR. We designed an app that simulates the experience, while using a relatively cheap technology in order to make it more accessible to people around the world.

Resources Used

Apollo 11 data.
Unity 3D free version.
Visual Studio Community 2015 update 2.

Made inLa Marsa Tunisia
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