ECHIMP: EEG Controlled Hands-free Interactive Module Package

Global Nominee

ECHIMP: EEG Controlled Hands-free Interactive Module Package received a Global Nomination.

Space Station

Out-of-this-world fashion with function: clothing or accessories for earth or space wear!

Every space traveler – even the robotic ones – should feel? their very best during the journey, infused with the very best data and technology available. Earthlings can follow suit. Design a space data-tech-fashion wearable in the form of clothing or accessories that will collect or distribute data and technology in the following categories:

Design for Interconnectivity (staying more connected to team, community, and tools)

  • enhance the work/life experience of humans and/or capabilities of robots  

Design for Health (biometrics, physical and emotional health, and/or environmental alerts)

  • maintain or improve the health and well-being of the human
  • provide early warning for unhealthy environmental factors (air quality, radiation, outgassing, temperature)

Design for Entertainment (sights, sounds, music, activity)

  • enhance the human experience whether during work or play

Data accessibility; one of mankind’s most powerful tools in adaptation and yet still a missing critical component in the forefront of space exploration. The ability to obtain and communicate useful real-time data enhances our ability to react and respond to uncertainties and changing environments, granting us the tools necessary to overcome challenges, but most importantly, ensure the safety of our astronauts. Utilizing a wireless network of modules connected to an EEG controlled interface and projected helmet display, we accomplish these goals.

Resources Used
  • Raspberry Pi 2B+
  • Intel Edison: barometer, thermometer, Accelerometer chips
  • Open BCI EEG Headset
  • Portable Battery pack
  • Pico Projector
Made inCambridge, MA USA
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