SuperNova’s Existing Wearable Electronic Suit (EWES)

Global Finalist

SuperNova’s Existing Wearable Electronic Suit (EWES) made it to the Global Award Finals (Top 25)

People's Choice Semi-Finalist

SuperNova’s Existing Wearable Electronic Suit (EWES) made it to the People's Choice Semi-Finals (Top 25)

Space Station

Out-of-this-world fashion with function: clothing or accessories for earth or space wear!

Every space traveler – even the robotic ones – should feel? their very best during the journey, infused with the very best data and technology available. Earthlings can follow suit. Design a space data-tech-fashion wearable in the form of clothing or accessories that will collect or distribute data and technology in the following categories:

Design for Interconnectivity (staying more connected to team, community, and tools)

  • enhance the work/life experience of humans and/or capabilities of robots  

Design for Health (biometrics, physical and emotional health, and/or environmental alerts)

  • maintain or improve the health and well-being of the human
  • provide early warning for unhealthy environmental factors (air quality, radiation, outgassing, temperature)

Design for Entertainment (sights, sounds, music, activity)

  • enhance the human experience whether during work or play

We created a proof of concept of chain-mail presenting flat surfaces allowing people and astronaut to wear standard electronic component. Allowing both health monitoring or environment measurement, our proof of concept show the feasibility of wearable electronic clothes with four main advantages:

- CHEAP: Printed in 3D, each mail of the chain is suitable to carry a small electronic standard component such as a sensor or a led.
- ADJUSTABLE: An innovative inflatable system allows auto-adjusting of the clothes with the user and keep the sensors in contact with the skin.
- REPAIRABLE: An innovative design allow the change of each mail of the chain-mail regardless of its position
In a near future we can imagine such a system being used by makers to design easy-to-make wearable electronic. We can also imagine commercial use for medical application (medical devices and health monitoring) and to build suit for harsh environement (Space, Radiation, Chemical...).

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