Trypo-Sense: Detecting Punctures in Space Equipment

Global Nominee

Trypo-Sense: Detecting Punctures in Space Equipment received a Global Nomination.

Space Station

Out-of-this-world fashion with function: clothing or accessories for earth or space wear!

Every space traveler – even the robotic ones – should feel? their very best during the journey, infused with the very best data and technology available. Earthlings can follow suit. Design a space data-tech-fashion wearable in the form of clothing or accessories that will collect or distribute data and technology in the following categories:

Design for Interconnectivity (staying more connected to team, community, and tools)

  • enhance the work/life experience of humans and/or capabilities of robots  

Design for Health (biometrics, physical and emotional health, and/or environmental alerts)

  • maintain or improve the health and well-being of the human
  • provide early warning for unhealthy environmental factors (air quality, radiation, outgassing, temperature)

Design for Entertainment (sights, sounds, music, activity)

  • enhance the human experience whether during work or play

Trypo comes from the word trypophobia, fear of holes. The function of the sensor is to detect punctures.

We try to emulate the human body's ability to detect injuries.

For example, if a person gets poked with a pin, he/she will react with an OUCH.

Unfortunately this is not the case with inanimate objects such spacesuits or the ISS.

We created a sensor, which could be hooked up to a controller and a network, to detect where punctures have occurred.

This saves time for the astronaut, who otherwise would manually look for the puncture causing the air leak.

Resources Used



Aluminum foil

Plastic wrap

Soldering Lead & flux

Scrap Acrylic

Electric Tape

Zip ties

Jumper wires


3 x LED lamp

Power bank


Soldering Iron

Usb Cable type-B for arduino



Arduino Uno

Made inMandaluyong Philippines
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