Auroter Aurora+twitter

Global Nominee

Auroter Aurora+twitter received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Virtual Auroras
Space Station

Develop virtual reality viewers using International Space Station video feeds, Aurorasaurus or other camera data that features views of the northern lights, or gives users other virtual experiences of viewing the Earth from the International Space Station.


Have you ever thought that "I want to see Aurora once in my lifetime."?

So, we Auroter produce you new way to enjoy Aurora.

To enjoy Aurora in a new way, we use data which is provided by Geomagnetic Observation at SYOWA station.

Next, we make information available electronically.

After made information electronically, we mutter at twitter on a regular basis.

Finally users enjoy Aurora in words , sounds, or color words.

Please enjoy our new Aurora App.

Resources Used

Geomagnetic Observation at SYOWA station

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