Interact with Aurora

Global Nominee

Interact with Aurora received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Virtual Auroras
Space Station

Develop virtual reality viewers using International Space Station video feeds, Aurorasaurus or other camera data that features views of the northern lights, or gives users other virtual experiences of viewing the Earth from the International Space Station.


Our application gives user the unique experience of observing Aurora from the space station, and interacting with Aurora.

The application is divided into 4 parts:

1. Data and model of Aurora is extracted from NASA's astronaut photography website using AUROMAT APIs, and exported as point cloud of Aurora with geometry information and intensity.

2. The model of Aurora is registered with the Earth model by our registration algorithm.

3. Interaction with Aurora is accomplished by vision-based tracking of hand-held fiducial marker. The user's viewing point is infered from the transformation between the AR glasses and the fiducial marker.

4. The perspective view of the Aurora from space station is generated and transported to the Augmented Reality device.

We take advantage of various open source packages to develop the application: ROS (Robot Operating System), Aruco, Android, AUROMAT, OpenCV.

Resources Used

ROS (Robot Operating System), Aruco, Android, AUROMAT, OpenCV., Moverio BT-200

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