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Create a tool that will accept a very thin (scaled down), or "surface only" (tessellated model) and "fill in" behind the surface to a sufficient depth to allow printing on a 3-D printer.


When a 3-D printer produces an object that is scaled down, the 3D printer often has surfaces and components that are just too small or thin to print. For example, a full scale 1/16


Multiple tools ranging from concept-oriented tools, computer aided design (CAD) tools or full blown simulation tools are used across a system’s lifecycle to communicate system features and help integrate design. One of the more effective ways to preserve and share design information through 3-D surface models.

Options developers might consider include user selected features such as:

  • minimum part thickness

  • minimum feature size to suppress or delete

  • to preserve or delete texture or UV Map data

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Caley Burke 3 years ago
For each KSC challenge, a winning project will be recognized on SpaceAppsKSC social media. Of the five winning teams, one will be selected as the overall KSC Space Apps Challenge winner for 2016 and receive invitations to a launch viewing opportunity with the Global Space Apps Challenge winners.
Caley Burke 3 years ago
The project does not have to be a global nominee to be eligible for KSC judging. If a team was nominated for global judging and worked on a KSC challenge, it will be considered for both types of judging. For further details, along with terms and conditions, please visit our Tumblr post on this subject.
Asad Zia 3 years ago
When are you going to announce KSC challenge results?
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