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Air Rocket Launcher received a Global Nomination.


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We were inspired by three innovative revolutionary experiences: First, Felix Baumgartner’s challenge, who reached the space using a helium balloon. Second, SpaceX, which succeeded to launch and land Falcon9 on a drone ship. Finally, the project ALASA (Airborne Launch Assist Space Access) aiming at creating a rocket carried by an F 15 fighter , able to launch a satellite into the near space, unfortunately this project was abandoned by DARPA.

We’ve decided to combine all these above mentioned experiences in order to create and develop an optimal, efficient and mainly low cost solution.

Our project consists in creating an air launch base able to launch a Rocket or a Satellite and carried by a helium balloon, covered with extremely thin solar panels which will provide the energy required for the launching base.

Once the rocket launched, we will be able to land it in our base using the landing system created recently by Space X, and at the end bring back the base to earth again using a parachute.

The key goal of our project is to develop a reliable and advanced rocket taking off and landing with highly reduced costs and at the same time reusable.

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