Assitance, support and company Robot for Mars Habitat


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This robot is designed as a technical and psychological support for astronauts on Mars habitat. Its design is friendly, can interact with humans, improving their experience during the stay in Marte.Su function it is not only to be a friend or a robotic pet. His equipment includes light sensors, heat, radiation, CO2 and other gases, moisture ... On the right arm, has a hand with 3 fingers to grasp. On the left side has an interchangeable arm, which can be equipped with different tools, depending on the task you have to do. Wireless and videocoms, program-controlled, remote or voice commands, with little improvement in the frame, can be used for multiple tasks and evolve their functions. We have used an old framework for a damaged for software and hardware testing the robot, but its appearance and structure is nice, so it can improve the lives of our astronauts.

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