Asteroid Bolt


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as we all know there's a lot of Asteroid in Space Specially for the Planet that has a ring of Asteroid like Jupiter.In case the Space Shuttle encounter asteroid Accidentally or Normally they must have a weapon for that to destroy to defend their SpaceShuttle....

Asteroid Bolt is a Virtual Reality experience in the Asteroid Belt, a circumstellar disc occupied by asteroids found between Mars and Jupiter, wherein you will be destroying asteroids

As space colonization is already being considered for human race survival, NASA is eyeing Mars as the most viable option. However, with its close proximity to the asteroid belt, it has a higher chance for Impact Event (asteroid collisions) so there is a great need for Space Shuttles to destroy them before it happens.

With our game Asteroid Bolt, your task is to blast these asteroids in order to defend your Spaceship, Mars, and ultimately prevent human extinction from galactic impact.

Resources Used

Unity3D, PhotoShop CS6, 3Ds max .....

Made inMandaluyong Philippines
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