Create the first space simulator lowhightech by the crowdsourcing in Africa


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How can we imagined a project of the space if we have never seen it? the most young people in some countries have access to helmets 3D which allows them to make this experience,So we are going to create the first space simulator lowhightech in Africa by the crowsourcing with the site The challenge will be to reproduce everything that could be felt during a space travel, and we need help of experts.Google has already a solution of the image with the Google cardboard to allow more poor people to experience the 3D and Woelab wants to propose for the shaking, to create a 3D Printer to the Scale 1, with a chair inside and which can reproduce the shaking exactly as if it reiterated a draw.With the plateform, we hope that the experts of the world will meet the other challenges to enable Africans to also make the experience of space travel.

Resources Used

for creat the solution spacelive, we need;

  • An Internet site of crowdsourcing hosted by NASA and only accessible to professionals and experts,
  • A 3D printer to the scale 1
  • a chair with seat belts
  • a local,
  • a dozen Computer,
  • computer gadgets useful for the management of a site,
  • gadgets and instruments of mechanical manufacturing,
  • a means of travel,
  • and money for the unexpected.
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