Free Energy


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Today we are trying to build a free energy source that can change the planet. We are making a plasma generator that is 100% free energy and it doesn't pollute the planet. We are using a chemical mix that attracts electrons from the air. So far we have managed not only to make electricity, but also we saw that with our project we can innovate the world. Our generator is safe and it is virtually limitless. In the video we show that we are able to acquire 3V. We have tried making larger generator, but due to financial issues we were not able to finish it. The energy from the larger one rises exponentially ant virtually it has 80% COP. The true beauty of this project is that combines a limitless source of energy from the future without the pollution of today's generators.

Resources Used
We used the skills that we have acquired in school and the diary of Nikola Tesla. Some of the formulas that we have used are from his diary, and others - from textbooks.
Made inPlovdiv Bulgaria
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