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We seek to create an alternative link for satellites, remembering that they are linked by microwave. Our proposal is the addition of optical transmitters, which have a large bandwidth and provide two-way communication, in circumstances where the microwave is not running. The satellites will have servomotors which move using the angles of azimuth and elevation to achieve the link between each worth mentioning also be helped with a GPS system backed by a database located on land that will provide them with the exact location other satellites. This land site will also feature optical transmitters, but more power to achieve communication with satellites.

Resources Used

Resources used

Two prototype modules to achieve a basic simulation requires the following:

  • Two servo motors to achieve alignment (azimuth, elevation)
  • Transmission Unit
  • Receive Unit
  • Controller for servos, transmitters and receivers
  • GPS System (satpc32 and stuff space)
  • Database another module positions
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