Left Mouse Button to Bend Space


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We will one day, eventually exhaust Earth's resources.

By then, will we have power to expand out and colonize other planets? Will we even know if there are other habitable planets?

This is a problem for our future generation, but does not mean should be neglected. It is important to start educating the new generation now.

We thought we should send a message to our children. That there is hope and potential outside Earth. We wanted them to feel the enthusiasm to venture out. We wanted to make them smarter then us.

As the first piece in the gigantic puzzle, we decided to make a game where people could realize how big space is and practice 3D movement. In our game, you travel around with your ship, with an ability to bend space in front of the ship, allowing you to move really quick. Explore the galaxy full of interactable objects and planets.

If you are afraid to face that human race will eventually overpopulate Earth, at least get your children ready for it. We hope our message was sent.

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