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Mars exploration is one of the great challenges that humanity has had but until today there are many difficulties and risk for human missions.

In spite of we got rovers on Mars surface , we ignore very interestic phenomenom about habitability and possible life on Mars.Also , the consecuent human health and technological problems.

Our solution is LINKED MINDS: Mars on Earth , a platform (website and app) that help us to discover in our same planet the Mars Analog enviroments around the world connecting researches and all the public to be informed of the current physicochemical conditions , geological formation , research status of these analogs sites and also discovers of extreme microorganism that live there that wil provide many tools to create new techonology in order to understand what are the possible life hidden on Mars.

This will be an app for scientist , students and curious people of science to revoluzionate the knowledge for Mars exploration but here ,on Earth.

Resources Used

Google Earth Gallery

And Many research articles.

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