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ORApp received a Global Nomination.


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An autonomous explorer robot equipped by a Jet-pack,
Controlled by distance , the robot can travel on Mars, draw a 2D map and avoid collisions, the Jetpack helps on fixing it on the ground while moving by generating the opposite force of gravity or to fly .
The jetpack can also make jumps to check what’s there beyond the obstacles for example: a huge rock that the robot can’t cross.
The robot is connected to a webserver that we can control, watch and receives statistics & analytics..
Equipped by a Kinect, the robot can identify the objects and by connecting it to the web we can use all the parameters for a “machine-learning” program so we can make more smarter exploratory robots.
The robot uses solar energy, and by using a compressed gas with a pump that makes jumping possible.
ORApp’s Main functions are:

  • Obstacles detection
  • 2D Mapping
  • The JetPack can make jumps
  • Controlled by distance
  • Calculate depth, and distances
  • Identify objects
  • Equipped by a camera
  • Uses solar energy

ORApp Features:

  • Uses force opposite to gravity
  • The Jetpack can make jumps
  • If there were a problem the robot stays at his place & by the map sent while travelling we can detect where it is, what are the risks and the conditions there.

Our vision, what can we add in the future ?

  • For the hardware stuffs we aim to fusion the jetpack with the explorer base so we can make a single robot that can travel, jump, fly over the cliffs...
  • And for the software, we’re thinking of learning how to use the data & analytics sents by the robots to make a smarter robot and by using “machine learning” the robot can take better decisions, discover things that we didn’t notice.
Resources Used
  • ROS
  • Kinect
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
Made inOran Algeria
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