SFT(Smart Flying Tablet) PROJECT


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Imagine your home with it’s own personalized messenger (In-Home Courier Service).Imagine a constant portable companion.Imagine a flying tablet.Then, Imagine the SFT project.

The SFT is simply a flying tablet as it name implies which back side also serves a multi-purpose purpose,but the SFT doesn't just fly, it is also a smart tablet.It’s wide range of application includes;

  • Smart Tablet
  • Constant Companion and Friend
  • Guide(Path Illuminator)

SFT Specifications;

  1. Laser Sensors (At least obstacles 10 meters ahead).
  2. Voice recognition System.
  3. Low Sound Blade-Rotors
  4. Battery (May require more than one) (Using the Wind Turbine energy Technique, while one battery is powering the device the other is being recharged by the energy generated from the rotating blades.)
  5. Waterproof
  6. Smart Tablet
    • Wifi
    • Gps
    • Entertainment
    • Hawk-Eye Camera
    • Normal Tablet Functions


    • Carrying Delivering Low weight items(Room Service)
    • Coffee Carrier
    • Serve as a Music/Entertainment System
    • Suspended Movie Time (Watching on a suspended device)
    • Due to Lightness and lack of thickness, the SFT could be carried alongside oneself to all their destination whether it be through flying the SFT while moving or handling it as a brief case through already in built handle.
    • The SFT could serve also as a illuminating companion in Dark/Nightly environment/situation

      Given that the SFT is waterproof it could on a rainy day serve as a temporary umbrella.

    • Given that the SFT contains both a GPS and LASER SENSOR, this implies that it could fly around with the risk of crashing due to an obstacle.

      The voice recognition system implies a user friendly device also means you can access stuff without actually doing anything.

    • The SFT PROJECT although currently ill researched(we actually did this little research is less than 24 hours, so we just fabricated dimensions and simple solutions to some more advanced problems), is something we look forward to working on more even after this challenge ends, therefore the generally issue of how it works and power technique is something that would be developed later and hopefully as aspiring aviation engineers we hope to be able to actualize this goal albeit through further deep and serious research.

Resources Used
  • Solid Works
  • Wikipedia
  • Laser Technology

Made inAnkara Turkey
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