Space Snorkeling


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Space Snorkeling is an app to enable connectedness between Astronauts and their loved ones, and an experience of discovery! It is in essence a mixed reality mobile application, intended to be used by the loved ones of the astronauts (space travellers) to keep track of their movement in space.

The idea is that a person on earth can with their mobile device find the space craft by pointing a mobile device at the sky. Using location data, this activates the mixed reality component. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors on the mobile device, much like in real life snorkeling, the user can search around: i.e left, right, up and down from the position of the spacecraft, in order to look for interesting celestial objects, their relevance and data behind them.

As the person moves the mobile device around, celestial bodies are activated and superimposed on the image of the sky with corresponding information.

Resources Used

Asteroids NeoWs api

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