spaceCT1:A very long distance SPACE communication technology


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alpha-CenTauri is ~4.5 light year awary from Earth
100GW,2min,at $0.1/KWH,low average cost per travel ,3,333,000 kilowatt hours — let’s say $350,000.
Their plan says they will use natural gas plants to generate that power over time, store it with ultra-capacitors, then release it quickly to power the laser. They admit that the energy infrastructure for such a plan will be “challenging” to construct.
alternative: 100GW Solar => 100M KW,@1KW/M^2,=>10KM^2,to refelect the solar energy into 3M*3M space travel device
100GW solar energy reflected and condenced into 1M^2 => 100GW/M^2,if into 1cm^2 => 100TW/M^2
=> How to design a very long distance SPACE communication system

FB Connectivity Lab solution: lasers so accurate, they can hit a dime from 12 miles away.

Lighting attenuation model of lighting are totally unknow among the 4.5 lightyear

channel estimation is really a smart pattern design and machine learning or deep learning on channel estimation will be the most newest and innovative design ?!?

modify the design goal to communication system among Earth and Mars,with 100GW reflected solar

(10KM)^2 area 100GW solar power reflected to Mars, 182lightsecond distance,

(10M*1K) ^2 =(10M*10M) *(1K*1K)
communication speed 20*1Kbps
10M=>1M,=>26bit,26*10Kbps*100 ,26Mbps
definitely better coding gain will help

next is to find locations to build those 100GW SolarTX(10KM*10KM)on earth,RF RX on earth orbit space station to communicate with ground station on earth ,and smart vision RX(receiver)+5G basestationlevel RF TX(transmitter) for spaceships and station around Mars

Resources Used

IBM weather, NASA earth to mars lighting and RF attenuation data


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